Monday, March 2, 2009

Random discovery today

Mushroom Farm Revolution. It's like Desktop Tower Defense, only better. That's right. Who knew it could get any more exciting than DTD? But it has. 

A good way to waste time and/or something to do when you're bored and want some strategy to keep you occupied. The farthest I've gotten so far is 33/45. Can you beat that?

EDIT: I tried out a new strategy that got me to wave 60/60  on world 5 before I died. It was easy peasy up through that wave though.


  1. don't you have homework to do ;)? it took me like 40 min to get to 37 on my one attempt. surely UNC is time consuming, or are you on senioritis mental-leave?

  2. If you assume that each wave takes 50secs, that's less than 40min for the entirety of world one, and it increases slightly but not that much. I was using it as breaks from studying. Take a half-hour off at a time. I can't spend ALL my time studying!

  3. what if i don't assume that each wave takes 50 secs?

  4. Well, the waves come at 50s intervals. So at most they're 50s apart. Which doesn't mean they take 50s. But it makes it easier to assume a time.