Monday, March 9, 2009

Dook Game!

Today was the Dook game! And boy it took some preparation.

First of all, I've spent the weekend with my adopted family, who has been just amazingly sweet and helpful and generous (especially considering they're all Dookies! Though I've been working on the four-year-old ... ). They took me on a last-minute run over to Raleigh to get us facepaint so we'd be able to paint our faces Carolina blue for the game. I love you, Jeremy and Robin!

Cat, Leigh, Tyler, and I met up right after church to dye our hair and paint our faces. We made a huge mess but it was lots of fun! I decided that as it was my last game as a student and the Dook game, I wasn't holding back. I did silly hair (as a general rule, I don't wear pigtails) and we got to work with the dye and paint. 

This photo seems somewhat narcissistic to me, but it was the best I could find that showed both my hair and my face. 

I met my friend Ben at the Dean Dome about 3 hours before the game so we could wait in line to get in. We had Phase Two tickets, but somehow when it came time for us to get in the Dome, there were still riser seats left! I was BESIDE myself I was so excited! So to the risers we went! Two hours to game time, and no sitting down. The humidity from several hundred people standing together for hours on end was oppressive and it got real hot down there real fast. But we were right on the floor!

It was like I could reach out and hug them all right there on the court!

The only thing weird is that they wouldn't let us have any water in the risers. Apparently they were concerned we were going to throw the water bottles at the players. Seriously? It was so hot down there, access to water would have been cherished! We wouldn't have wasted it on throwing it at players! A friend of mine actually passed out during the senior speeches after the game. At that point we'd been standing for almost five hours, only able to grab sips of water if we left the riser area. She's okay, but the principle stands. Let the people have water!

The game was really good. We had to fight to win it, but we managed to scrape by. Dook was up one at half, but whatever pep talk Roy gave the boys at half must have helped, because second half we played better and managed to get a lead and mostly keep it. Winning made us regular season ACC champs, so we got to watch our team cut down the net right in front of us after the game. After that was senior speeches, since it was our seniors' last home game. We had 7: J.B. Tanner, Jack Wooten, Pat Moody, Mike Copeland, Danny Green, Bobby Frasor, and Tyler Hansbrough. We're losing so many! They all gave really sweet speeches, and if Bobby Frasor had turned around and asked me to marry him on the spot, I'd've said yes without even hesitating. But I digress. Tyler's voice was breaking through his whole speech and you could tell he was on the edge of tears the whole time. I was really glad I got to be there to see all our seniors!

Post game, Tyler, Cat, Leigh, Ben, Danny, and I met back up all together and then we took a celebratory Taco Bell run. But not before Leigh's dad got a super cute pic of those of us who had painted up!

From left: Tyler, Leigh, me, and Cat. GO HEELS!

All in all, a good day. Soooo glad I got a ticket. And so glad we won! It was exhausting (slept until 11 the next morning lol) and it felt fantastic to shower and get all the paint and dye off me, but man - it was fun. :D

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