Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally saw the doctor

For those of you who don't know, I've had a chronic stomach issue for about ten years that basically resembles morning sickness (No, I'm not pregnant). I also have thinning hair and some other random symptoms. My grandfather (a retired doctor) recently referred me to another doctor in town to have him look at me and try and figure what's up. So my mom and I went to see him yesterday and he was really fantastic. My appointment was at 1.30 but I don't think I left his office until 2.45. He sat and talked with us for a long time, really gave us his full attention and listened and tried to come up with ideas that would explain all my issues.

The main culprit he suspects right now is a hormone issue. But they're doing five different blood tests to check several options. They're doing two different hormone tests, a thyroid test, a nutritional panel to see if I'm deficient in anything, and a test for a gluten (wheat) allergy. He also has put me on ginger tonic and melatonin to see if they'll help my stomach. I have an appt to get my test results back on April 3rd.

Maybe it's weird, but I'm actually pretty excited about it. I was so used to it that I kind of stopped thinking about it all as unusual or a problem until it started getting worse this semester for some reason. I'm excited to figure out what's wrong with me so we can go about fixing it. I'm kind of hoping it is a hormone problem, just because that means we can fix my hormone levels and everything will go back to normal, which would be super awesome. Now I'm just anxiously waiting for April 3rd!

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