Sunday, March 15, 2009

Post Spring Break Post

Short and sweet. I was hoping to finish my Journeymen application over break but altogether I got zero work done. For some reason, when I come home over breaks my family wants to like, spend time with me. I'm not sure what that's all about. :P

Played a lot of Scrabble, watched most of Season 1 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles (the Terminator TV series) with my brother, helped my mom teach 2-year-old Bible study (It makes Jesus so happy when we share!), hung out with my family, got new glasses with my new prescription, watched basketball with my dad, read Wicked, went to the water park with siblings and friends for an evening. Mom, Jennifer, Katherine, and I all went to the blood bank together to give blood all at once. They never really know what to do with all of us. What can I say, we're a party wherever we go! It was really good to see everyone and I really needed the break.

My hair looks weird in this picture. I don't have bangs. So just pretend it doesn't look like I do.

From left: Katherine, Jennifer, me. Mom in the chair.

Now it's back to UNC and chugging along til graduation. 2 months to go then I'm an official person with a degree and everything!

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