Friday, February 27, 2009


Q: What do you call a toothless grizzly bear?

A: A gummy bear.

Come on, you know it made you laugh!

In other news, my summer plans have been firmed up, so I'm going to go live with Tricia this summer. I'm super excited! Taco Bell within walking distance = Heaven. I'ma start calling around for jobs next week hopefully.

In other news, application is going well. Have a bunch of writing to do, most of which will happen over spring break (only one more week of class!). Once I get that stuff in, I'm pretty much done with the application, which I am excited about. Woot. 

In other news, God has blessed me with some great friends recently. It's funny how He does that out of nowhere. For the last couple months I've just sort of been chilling and doing my own thing, but God's been showing me that He doesn't want me to be complacent and content with that and to prove it He's been throwing people at me that as far as I can tell He wants me to cultivate friendships with. I love people, so it's pretty exciting. 

In other news, a few friends and I have decided that the BCM here on campus is not nearly as social as it should be, so we're gonna start making social events and such to get people more involved. I'm excited about that, as well. We're also going to clean out the attic at the house that BCM owns and organize it and find all kinds of cool stuff hidden up there (We found a 72" inflatable ball! Can anyone say Super Awesome Game Day?!). We were up exploring it at like 2am last night and it was superfun. Now we're all motivated to clean it up. There's all kinds of BCM history up there going back to the 40s, and we want to find that and make it accessible to everyone. We'll proly have an attic-cleaning day soon after spring break. I'm excited about that too.

So, overall, lots of exciting things going on. Yay God and yay friends!

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